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AVC - Value Added Investor And Financier


If you can demonstrate the future prospects of your business, your ideas and your willingness to go the “extra mile” in the development of your business we will provide the funding, support and global network connections.


By taking us as your strategic partners we can provide expertise in many areas besides the funds required for your company’s growth.     


AVC’s management team has many years of hands-on experience in building, managing operating and growing companies and we can assist you in strategically building businesses quickly and profitably.   


AVC maintains strong relationships with international investors, financial institutions, buyers of products and services as well as other Venture Capitalists all over the world.


How We Invest In Your Business


After the initial meeting, we will evaluate your project to determine our interest.  If it is acceptable, we will value the business and a term sheet containing details regarding valuation, board seats allocation, requirements for add-on investments, vesting schedules, management salaries plus other issues are all covered and the terms agreed to.


Once the agreements are in place, we work together as business partners with both of us having a stake in its success and growth. You will maintain a majority stake in your business and manage the daily operations.


From the initial decisions regarding the business strategy, organization and management to systems of a portfolio company, Abundance Venture Capital’s principals and the portfolio company’s management team will work together to create value at the company and execute approved strategies.   


For a portfolio company, we will provide advice and support for executive recruitment, product and business development, business systems, identify strategic partnerships, acquisitions and even follow-up financings. 


We look for three things in any business before we invest: 


·    Trustworthy people with a passion for what they do

·    Businesses with potential for growth and international expansion

·    A strong management team with a clear vision.


Would You Like Us To Fund Your Business? 


If you have an investment opportunity that needs to be funded and you wish to discuss it with us, please send us an e-mail of your business plan (brief summary) or description of your ideas which will be treated with confidentially.  This will be the first step for preliminary discussions to fund your business project.  


To submit a business plan to Abundance Venture Capital for consideration, please follow the  guidelines on the next page for a speedier answer to your request. 



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