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“Maximizing investor returns by nurturing growth businesses and eliminating risks”

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“To generate extraordinary 
returns for our Private Equity investors by managing risks and nurturing businesses for accelerated growth and          profitability”

 Private Equity

Investor Services

Personal, Private and Professional



Who Should Invest In Private Equity?


Private Equity is designed for investors who understand and are willing to accept the risk of loss of principal involved in investing in a fund seeking long-term capital appreciation.  Investors should consider their investment goals, their time horizon for achieving them, and their tolerance for risk before investing in it.


A Private Equity Fund is a pool of money contributed by institutions and people with similar investment objectives.  Shareholders in a Fund share the fund's income, expenses and the gains and losses the fund makes on its investments in proportion to the shares they own.


Protecting Your Capital And

Generating  Higher Returns On Your Investments


Our work revolves around 3 major areas:


1. SERVING INVESTORS NEEDS— We work privately with sophisticated global investors, fund of funds, family offices, organizations and other institutions by helping them generate significant long term returns so that their wealth and capital appreciates and multiplies every year.


2. BUILDING PROFITABLE BUSINESSESWe identify, qualify and review potential growth businesses and work with business owners and management to build profitable world class enterprises.


3.  PROTECTING CAPITAL & MAXIMIZING RETURNS - Our Investment team’s objective is to protect investors capital and generate higher returns on investments made and this requires in-depth and ongoing research for making critical and timely decisions at all times.


What’s In It For You As An Investor?


Investors can expect long term investment returns that are expected to

exceed 30% p.a. and a safe and secure investment structure that is    

secured by appropriate assets and legal documentations.


What Kinds Of Investment Services Are Available?


Private Equity investment services by Abundance Venture Capital for Investors are by invitation only.  Prospective investors can be involved in the following areas:


PRIVATE EQUITY/VENTURE CAPITAL FUND - A long term (10 years) structured fund (pooled investments) with a minimum of US$500,000 for high net worth individual investors and US$2,500,000 minimum for organizations, institutions and corporations.  AVC manages the fund on behalf of the investors.  Quarterly and yearly reports are provided to investors. 


PRIVATE FUND – A private fund is organized for investors’ who prefer complete privacy and would like to have a say in the investments identified for them and the minimum investment is US$25 million.  This fund is structured to maximize returns and investments will be made in a variety of sectors and locations as per the needs of the investor.   Tenure can be long term or short term and will be dependent on the investors’ requirements.


STANDBY INVESTMENTS – These are ad-hoc investments that a client may want to make with standby or idle funds to take advantage of investment opportunities that sometimes arise and could be short term or long term in nature.


If you seek an aggressive approach to capital growth and can accept the  risks involved in Private Equity investments, it could be an appropriate part of your overall investment strategy. Private Equity should not represent your complete investment portfolio or be used for short-term trading purposes.


I’m Interested In Developing A

Relationship With AVC, How Do I Proceed?


Email us with your full contact details and we will contact you for a private and confidential discussion or a personal meeting if necessary.  

Contact us at: investor@abundancevc.com


Because we focus on a highly personalized service with attention to detail we can only be of service to a small number of investor clients at a time.    

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