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Alternative Energy Research



The Alternative Energy Research Center (AERC) is a division of AVC and is actively involved in research, identification and recommendation of alternative and renewable energy solutions for Governments, organizations and corporations to support their conversion to clean, renewable and low-cost energy alternatives.   


A long term reduction of 30-80% on energy costs can be realized and expected for buildings, plants, vehicles, and many other energy consuming projects and activities.  Alternative Energy investments are a huge long-term profit opportunity for far-sighted Governments, corporations and consumers.


Approved projects that have a joint venture arrangement with AERC  may be funded by financial partner organizations associated with AERC. 


AERC invites key decision makers to contact us for an in-depth review of their energy and funding needs.       



Alternative Energy Research Center


“Empowering your world with renewable energy”


Contact e-mail:  aerc@abundancevc.com


Alternative Energy


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