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We Work With You


AVC provides funds for your business growth and expansion and we add value to your business and your life!   Show us that you and your team can build and grow your current business and we’ll finance your dream with our funds and provide the support


Why We Invest In Your Business


AVC is willing to take a calculated risk by investing in YOUR ideas, YOUR dreams and YOUR management team’s ability to turn those ideas into a successful business.  We invest primarily in return for equity (part-ownership) and a seat on the Board of Directors.  By financing you, we hope to make a healthy profit from our investments 


What We Look For In A Business


· Your business plan should give us an in-depth understanding of the

  market and its competitors and have realistic financial forecasts

· Your product or service must have a proven or potential growth market

  in our areas of interest  

· Your management team must have relevant industry experiences

· The business owners must have invested some of their own funds and

 sweat equity in the business

· The deal must offer a fair ownership and voting rights for the funds

· There must be an identifiable exit opportunity within 3-5 years


Types Of Transactions We Invest In


AVC is an early (selectively), intermediate and later stage investor interested in significant equity participation.  We invest in privately held companies that are looking for:


·   Expansion capital for emerging growth companies 

·   Mezzanine financing

·   Strategic mergers and acquisitions

·   Special situation funding   


Capital Available For


·   Equity and other strategic investments

·   We also do syndication deals and co-invest with other VC’s

·   Our exit time frame is preferably 3-5 years 


How Much Do We Invest In A Business?


Between US$500,000 to US$25 million

Requests for larger amounts may be considered on a case by case basis


Geographic Areas of Investment


While we work with businesses in other regions, our primary area of investments is in Asia and we are focused on pursuing businesses in the following industries at the moment: 


Industry Preferences


· All types of alternative and renewable energy & power projects

     including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass

· Energy savings and power enhancing technology

· Sustainable Bio-Fuels and Ethanol

· Information & Communications Technology

· Niche Hi-Tech Manufacturing

· Energy efficient manufacturing processes and building systems

· Fuel efficient systems and hybrids



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