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“If in the operation of your business you are not making profits,

you are paying for the privilege of working hard.”


AVC is a specialist business investor.  We work with business owners to unlock hidden value and increase their wealth by helping their firms to grow in creative, unusual and strategic ways.


If we decide to work with your organization, AVC will team up with YOU and help you structure and grow your business for mutual benefit.   We may fund, build, support, mentor and prepare you and your management team to structure your business so that its potential can be maximized and it grows quickly and profitably. 


As a value added Venture Capital firm we structure creative and unusual funding and listing strategies and are always on the lookout for qualified businesses with high growth and profit potential that we can get involved with and work on long term.


There are plenty of banks, financial institutions, investors, and financiers out there but never before has anyone given businesses an elite business and exit strategy whose entire purpose is to turn your enterprise into a highly successful, high-income producing, profitable business and enrich everyone involved.


If you are interested in teaming up with us to take your business to greater heights of growth, profitability, excellence and satisfaction, get in touch with us today.


If your business qualifies, you’ll have the rare opportunity of working with some extremely creative, intelligent, highly motivated and an experienced group of business, financial and investment masters.



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“Maximizing investor returns by nurturing growth businesses and eliminating risks”

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